Concierge Photographic Coverage

If the activities of the day are any thing like many of our brides of past then we suggest 12 hours of quadruple coverage for parties from 250-500 guests.

The coverage will help ensure that all intimate moments will be captured given the size and scope of your guest list and the number of key people who demand personal coverage  as well as the bride & groom.



About our Relationship with our Clients:

When we speak to you we are asking for your opinions and input. Please let us know about style points you are considering such as when you think black and white vs. color is important to you. Maybe there is an artist you admire such as Manet, Chagal or even Picasso. We love creative involement and from you. If there is a photographer such as Annie Lebowitz or Francesco Scavullo that is more your cup of tea, we will do our best to recreate style points that matter to you. This is not to say that we lack confidence in our own developed artistic senabillities as we are also great showoff's.     

About your Creative Team:

We are a studio of accomplished artists and image styists. Hand picked and evaluated individuals for work that excells in asthetic beauty as well as technical know how. We live and breath this stuff.  

About your initial results:

You will have thosands unique images created in both traditional/formal and photojournalistic styles.  We will custom edit, color correct & retouch a select group of images for you to tell your story with. Then, we will create a private on line viewing gallery for you to make image selections and personal editing notes prior to the creation of your albums, giclee' cavases and museum quality prints before production and delivery. 

About your Final Product:

We can offer you any thing in the known market place and even design unique albums and goods never before seen. We specialize in the creative process and if you have the will we'll find the way.  

The Next Step:

If you should choose to meet for a face to face portfolio review please contact us and we will be more than willing to oblige.  Just one thought though, be prepared to be excited!

Please Note: Complete proposal will be made available upon request.